IHR Technologies

The company was founded for people involved in the travel industry with many experience years; the initial commitment was focused in providing development products to contribute the information technology area, and connect companies across the globe to integrate their products worldwide trhu technology.

Consulting company with innovative solutions for the travel industry, an expert software provider for search engine reservations dedicated to car rentals, motorcycle rentals, hotels and travel agencies industries. We are full-time dedicated to provide information technologies services as: software development, network data connection, programming and coding, technical support, web design, graphic design, digital media, branding, marketing, international business, training, sales force, customer service, management and all related to business expansion with certified experience.

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Our Powerful Skills

Our expertise area it is based on our people knowledge, the networking language protocols, end points, server, front end, backend, db, design and many other concepts referred to travel industry, company development web design and connectivity.

Information technology solutions, Business consulting, Web and graphic design development, Branding, marketing and ecommerce experts, Travel industry connectivity, Digital media, management, Booking engine integration, Car rental solutions, Car rental booking engine supplier, Motorcycle rental booking engine supplier, Hotels reservations booking engine provider, Travel agencies integration, Data integration and seamless networking, Programming and coding development, Data management processing.