Rate Management Features Section

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System account setup

Set all rate codes, rules, location & car type associations, rate plans, base, seasonal & premium rates, lenght of rental, etc.

Shopping rate analysis

All semi-manual queries will be configured to follow competition rates and collect all data in order to set strategies for current prices.

Semi-automated task tool

Once shopping rate data results, it's time to set new rates to get revenue increases by getting ready for posting new updates.

Rate update deployment

An instant post update will be deploy, because all data results, collection and new rates are ready to roll with the semi-automated tool.

Competition rates guard

Rates must be watched always, due to availability, holidays, blocks, rate increase, market demanading and other facts.

Reports & revenues data

Reports, details, statics, patterns and many other market behavior must be part of the duties of the responsible department.

remote rate management

Rate Management

Semi-automated remote updates

Our professional working team it is fully experienced and trained to manage every location with accurate vision on behalf of your company. Many years in marketing, online sales and inmediate effective results... performing the best low cost/benefit of our executives to gain revenues for you. Get a basic proposal and get advantage.

A certified effective work flow human system for updating rates it is the key to the execution, and it is performed by experienced people with all technical skills to manage productivity of your rate management remote department, and making this option an absolutely profitable investment for less labour operation hours, and more daily updates!.

rate management department
GDS & OTA's competition rates

Beat operation times and get the competition shopping rates every day and let the team work for you updating and get the job done by experienced executives.

Low cost remote operation

As you know labour operations cost are expensive but, here you can have a full remote team working few hours with semi-automated tools. More shopping/updates, less cost.

Best update rentals revenues

Daily programmed task are happening, stay one step ahead of competition with updated rates, sit and relax get instant revenues and save analysis time to face other duties.

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